Our Instructors

Our Clients

Our Clients 

Our clients include large, multinational law firms, medium and small size firms, corporate legal departments, voluntary bar associations, and state bar organizations.  We also provide trial training for litigants, expert witnesses, trial consultants, and businesses.

Many of our clients have been clients for over two decades and engage our services annually.  We are driven by our pursuit of excellence and measure success by every invitation to return.

We strongly encourage prospective clients to speak to our existing clients about the quality of our instructors and the success of our programs.

Our Instructors

Our instructors are experienced trial lawyers with over 500 jury trials to verdict between them.  They have civil and criminal trial experience, and have practiced in federal and state court, in the private sector, and for the government.

In-House Programs for Law Firms

We have successfully presented in-house training programs at law firms since the 1990s.  Our methods are tried-and-true.  We create our own programs, allowing us to generate important issues for discussion.  We emphasize on-your-feet training, which is where the most valuable learning takes place.

Nearly all of our programs require no pre-program preparation.  We prefer to distribute program materials to participants when they walk into the training room.  Our “no prep” approach is the key to bringing busy, high-caliber lawyers into the training room.  For multi-day programs we ask participants at the end of the day to leave their materials on their seat in the training room – no homework.

We know how to teach lawyers at all experience levels.  The biggest advocates for our programs are the firms’ most experienced trial lawyers.  We incorporate them into our programs in a way that requires little or no preparation on their part.  We do the heavy lifting; they share their wisdom.

Featured Programs

Federal Evidence Skills Workshop – One of our most popular programs, where participants get on their feet and argue evidentiary vignettes, including relevance, evidentiary foundations, Rule 403 time and prejudice, hearsay, inconsistent statements from depositions, business records, judicial notice, lay and expert opinion, expert qualifications, expert voir dire, and expert cross on treatises.

Trial Attorney Program – Comprehensive trial training for civil litigators with jury trial secondments as pro bono publico prosecutors.

Join the Conversation 

From time to time we send emails that announce upcoming programs and discuss substantive trial advocacy issues.

One email included a letter from a trial lawyer (who had just finished his 180th trial) to another trial lawyer (who had just finished his 140th trial).  The letter answered a question that trial lawyer #140 had asked trial lawyer #180:  “What did you learn from the last 40?”

Let us know if you would like to be on the email list:  office@trialadgroup.com